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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

I am often asked by couples, "How do we get a marriage license and what happens after we get it?"   This pamphlet (click on it to open) Planning Your Maine Wedding has all the details.  Here in brief is the license story:

  1. You must file a Marriage Intentions Form (fillable form below) with the municipality where you will pick up your license.  
    1. Complete in BLACK INK and sign in presence of a Notary
    2. Keep in mind 90 days.  Your license is valid for 90 days - not 3 months - from the date your intentions are filed.
  2. When picking up the license, both parties must appear before the City/Town Clerk and sign the document.
    1. When you are at the Clerk's office, be sure to order at least 3 certified copies to be mailed to you after filing.  Even if there are no name changes, you will need copies for social security, insurances, loans and similar agencies.  Most will return your certified copies but will not accept a photocopy.
  3. Deliver the license to the officiant.
  4. After the ceremony, both witnesses must sign and print their full legal names.  The officiant completes the necessary sections and returns the license to the City/Town Clerk.  I prefer to deliver the license in person whenever possible.  Otherwise, I send it via certified mail.
  5. I will notify you when your license has been received by the Clerk and will email you a copy of what I submit.  After 10 business days, I will check with you to make sure you have received the certified copies.  If you haven't, then I will check with the Clerk's office for you and let you know the status.

I am here to help in any way I can from venues to the ceremony itself.  I like to meet with the couple at least once prior to the ceremony so we can get to know each other.  If in person isn’t practical, I can set up a ZOOM meeting.  

Important to remember:  your wedding day is YOUR day and by the end of that day you will be married. 

Again, congratulations!

Marriage Intentions Form - ME 2207

Wedding Fees

Planning Your Wedding in Maine